My Endometriosis Success story – How I cured my endometriosis

endoended how i cured my endometriosisMy endometriosis Success story,How I found a cure for my endometriosis

I believe that I had endometriosis since my first period at 12 and possibly before (I had mysterious hip pain that would come and go from the age of 7) .It took about 10 years before getting diagnosed.And even after my diagnosis I had enough of not being taken seriously and being treated like a hypochondriac and drug seeker.

Trying to manage the pain

I tried all sorts of alternative treatments (progesterone creams,  many supplements ,enzymes,iodine,DIM,vitamins,minerals), I was put on a raw vegan diet for a few months with no improvements.I tried a parasite cleanse ,as sometimes parasites can be what is causing the endometriosis,but still no improvements.I was also dealing with other illnesses,ME,allergies,rosacea,depression, anxiety,fibromyalgia,chronic pain ,anemia,problems with my immune system .I used acupuncture and Chinese herbs for over 2 years as an attempt to manage my pain,it could not stop the progression of the endo and the pain relief was expensive and temporary. My pain kept getting worse,my periods where getting longer,heavier and more painful ( I was having contractions) I was experiencing the typical excruciating endometriosis stabbing,twisting period pain along with vomiting,collapsing,fever and diarrhea.I spend my days and nights under a burning hot shower / burning my abdomen with a heating pad .Or I was curled up in agony on the bathroom floor unable to move waiting for the horrific feeling of someone stabbing be repeatedly  with a sharp knife,to pass. Many times I thought that I was going to die.The pain worsened and I began to have bowel,kidney,bladder,lung/abdominal pain every day. Some days I was struggling to walk,breathe and could not sit up straight because of the pain.I was so sick of the excruciating endo pain,it made me suicidal.

5 moths before I consider myself cured ,I stared taking (LDN) Low dose naltrexone which helped  a little with general pain relief,depression, ME and fibromyalgia, but I did not see  any improvement in my endometriosis pain.I was obviously very disapointed .It was challenging to get a prescription. LDN is a medication that works with your body’s immune system through it’s interactions with your body’s endorphins.Endorphins play a role in pain relief, immune system regulation, growth of cells and angiogenesis (the growth of blood vessels that feed a tumor). It is also sometimes used to improve fertility in endo patients.

Finally finding healing:

Three months ago I attended one of John Mellor’s healing meetings after seeing his work on youtube  (there are a lot more videos on his channel of people being cured of all sorts on incurable diseases) ;, honestly I was very sceptical (there are a lot of fakes out there) but I was willing to try almost anything at that point. Ever since he prayed for me  in Jesus’ name my every day endometriosis pain,fibromyalgia,ME have disappeared and not come back.My period are what I would consider normal ,like women who don’t have endo.Now when I have my period I no longer need to take any pain killers (not that they ever worked)Morphine could barely took the edge off when the pain was at it’s worst.I use to stick to a paleo-ish diet,take LDN and NAC supplements for my rosacea (I saw no difference when I reverted back to a more normal  diet).For some women the endo diet provides relief, this was not the case for me( but everyone is different.)Personally I believe that is probably because I was born with the illness rather than it being “induced” by poor diet or lots of xenoestrogen influences.But I guess you can’t know if you’ll find a little relief with diet unless you try it. Although my constant abdominal pain left immediately after prayer. It took about 2 months before I could no longer feel the adhesion that once prevented me from exercising and caused me pain.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to live with an illness for the rest of your life when there is hope, and there are people with incurable conditions who have found healing! The moment you are ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens !

If you would like to read more endometriosis success stories : If you would like me to share your endometriosis healing story just send me a message.